SHOES 2013: Seductive from day to night with the new collection by Brian Atwood.

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BRIAN ATWOOD’s biography

Since launching his own label in 2001, Brian Atwood has beguiled the fashion industry with his indelible shoe designs. A champion of both modernity and drop-dead glamour, Atwood brings his impeccable creations to life with an added jolt of raw sex appeal. This unique sensibility is informed by the designer’s authentic American roots as well as by a European sophistication he has nurtured for the last two decades.

The Chicago born Atwood studied art and architecture at Southern Illinois University before heading to New York where he attended the renowned fashion college, F.I.T. Upon graduation he embarked on a modeling career that took him to the runways of Europe. While in Milan, he pursued several fashion companies for design jobs and was eventually discovered by Gianni Versace. Atwood was the first American ever hired by the great Italian designer. While working with Versace’s skilled artisans and high-quality factories for 9 years, Atwood fine-tuned his technical abilities and began conceiving of his own label. In 2001, he debuted the very first Brian Atwood collection. A heady mix of come-hither heels and magnetic style made his entrée immediately successful. Atwood gained notoriety not only for his exceptionally crafted footwear but also for his inventive manner of presenting them, including a memorable peep-show locale and once using back-bending contortionists as shoe models.

Atwood’s profile continued its steady rise, boosted by the loyal support of fashion industry insiders and Hollywood celebrities.

In 2003 his talent was recognized when he won the CFDA Swarovski Perry Ellis Award for best Accessory Design and 2010 Brian won the Footwear News “Designer of the Year” award A key aspect to the Brian Atwood allure is the label’s exclusivity. It is a niche brand of supreme technical quality. In Fall 2011, Atwood launched his contemporary footwear collection B Brian Atwood. The contemporary line is A mix of Upper East Side Poshness, Downtown cool, along with a Parisian sophistication; Inspired by the globe trotting fashionista. Each design incorporates sexy and aggressive silhouettes. In 2011 the B Brian Atwood brand won the Footwear News “Launch of the Year” award.

Without over promotion, the Atwood brand is still for many women a serendipitous discovery, offering that exceedingly happy moment when the perfect, special shoe is unearthed, worn and worshiped for a lifetime.



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